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24 Classic Març Moments

HBD to the one and only

Posted on October 11, 2017, at 12:01 a.m.

1. When she goes in for the hug:

2. When she impersonates someone:

3. When we want to go on the chiva bus:

4. When she says “cool, cool, cool”:

5. When she says "chicas":

6. When 👏🏼 she 👏🏼 talks 👏🏼 whilst 👏🏼 clapping:

7. When she goes horizontal:

8. When she talks about social justice:

9. When she speaks up for her students:

10. When she bakes cookies:

11. When she gives zero fucks about her job security:

12. When she talks about Pepe (or Frida... or even Lola...)

13. When we’re at Fortina and the dressing on the arugula salad is on point:

14. When she sees literally anyone:

15. When someone starts to mansplain...:

16. When there’s a 2 v. 1:

17. When High School Musical is on:

18. When she has your back:

19. When she’s just strolling the hallways:

20. When she will go to bat for you:

21. When she's calling it like it is:

22. When she goes for the high five:

23. When she sends a bedtime selfie:

24. When she’s (always) killing it:

Happy Birthday, Marcella!!!

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